Within our European community of innovation pioneers, we are set to hack the biggest challenges currently facing Europe’s content sectors. Join our network and shape the future landscape of content innovation.


Our unique network consists of people from all over the EU with different backgrounds in content creation like publishing, gaming, music and audiovisual. What brings us together is the belief that collaboration is key to the success of the content industries within the European Union. Even though every content sector has its unique set-up and is full of creative potential, we face the same basic challenges: From a lack of funding and investment, a culture that suggests an unwillingness to adapt to innovative approaches and emerging audiences up to a silo mentality that leads to insufficient communication between politics, institutions and companies even though they could benefit from each other. With creativeSHIFT we want to bring like-minded people together, amplify their voices and shape the future of the content industries together. We want to build a sustainable creative community and make room for cross-sector and cross-country collaboration to build a thriving and resilient ecosystem for content innovation in the European Union.

We highly welcome content startups and entrepreneurs, creatives, industry players, tech companies, investors and funders, institutions, universities and researchers, accelerators, think tanks, policy stakeholders and more to apply for our community. Please note: Community memberships are limited. Since we want our community to reflect the diversity of different content sectors, countries and backgrounds, we will review each application and select suitable candidates.

You can join the community by filling out the application form below. After reviewing your application, we will get back to you as soon as possible and inform you about the next steps.

The duration of the creativeSHIFT programme is approximately twelve months. The total amount of time that’s needed will vary between 20 to 30 days maximum for the whole programme. There will be events held throughout the year, such as the 2-day Inspirathon in November 2020 or the Creative Innovation Investment Forum in Autumn 2021 which are mandatory. However, the scope of the challenge and the amount of time you invest into your concepts, MVPs or prototypes is up to each work group. After the closing event, we aim to expand our community and launch creativeSHIFT innovation platform. You are very welcome to continue being a part of the creativeSHIFT community and keep contributing your ideas!




The Börsenvereinsgruppe provides advisory and practical services for the book and media industry. It comprises the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels and its subsidiaries Frankfurter Buchmesse, MVB and mediacampus frankfurt.


Media Deals is a pan European Investment Network focusing on the Creative industries. We have built networks of private investors in the following creative sub segments: Audiovisual/XR; Music/Tech ; Gaming; Fashion Tech. We help investors willing to access quality deal flow and find co- investors.


MEDIAPRO is a leading group in the European audiovisual sector, unique in content integration, production and audiovisual distribution. It provides the creativity and technical solutions necessary to design, produce and distribute any audiovisual or multi-channel project.


SpielFabrique is a Franco-German Acceleration programme for video game studios. Every year, 6 to 8 studios from both countries are getting business support through and online and offline expert programme. Co-productions between the 2 countries will also been suggested as an alternative source of financing. The programme is now extending to other European countries.


A think tank, a production company and a consultancy for the music industry institutions, Music Innovation Hub incubates new artistic talents, develops training and vocational programmes, promotes international networking opportunities, supports innovation projects in music production, consumption, and distribution.


FEP represents 29 national associations of publishers of books, learned journals and educational materials from all over Europe. FEP is therefore the voice of the great majority of European publishers.


The European Music Council (EMC) is a European music network, comprising more than 75 members from 28 countries. The EMC is dedicated to the development and promotion of all genres and types of music in Europe. It advocates access to music for all and for freedom of musical expression across Europe.


Your benefits as a member

Form new partnerships

Connect with like-minded content pioneers and established content industry players from all over the EU.

Expand your knowledge

Take part in cross-sector knowledge-sharing events, such as webinars and workshops.

Initiate change

Tackle one of ten key industry challenges with an interdisciplinary and international team at the Inspirathon.

Get visible

Be part of major EU-wide industry events and take part in the Creative Innovation Investment Forum.

Be an ambassador

Contribute to innovation policy recommendations on regional, national and EU-wide levels.




Come join our community and shape the future of the content industries in the European Union! We’re open to content innovators, creative pioneers, entrepreneurs and founders, universities and researchers, tech companies, analysts and more, based in the European Union. Be part of our movement and apply now!


Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels e.V.

(German Publishers and Booksellers Association)

Braubachstraße 16

60311 Frankfurt am Main