Location: Münzkamp, 3a

About us

PlusPlural is a social enterprise based in Hamburg and Kassel, Germany. The team consists of two members, Christina Oskui who is an author, self-publisher, social entrepreneur and idea developer and Pascal Heußner as a product designer. In order to get active support and multipliers from the book industry, the participated in the CONTENShift program in order to make their product marketable and gain more outreach. In the Update Germany implementation programme we worked together with Kanupriya Saxena (Industrial Design) and Jithmi Wijesinghe (Product Design), students at the University of Design, in Dessau. We were accompanied in our project work by Prof. Erik Bohemia. In 8 weeks we created a new concept and a prototype, which is currently being refined. In the future, we would like to jointly design "Barrier-free children's media - children's books with added value" and publish them with the help of a cooperation partner, preferably from the book or toy industry. If you are interested, we would be pleased to hear from you.