A Survey for the future!

CreativeSHIFT Survey on Attractivity, Sustainability and Visibility

About the project


This survey was created by WG34 (Attractivity and Visibility), in collaboration with WG10 (dedicated to sustainability in the CCS).
WG34 was born by the union of WG4, dedicated to attractivity and WG3, dedicated to visibility with policymakers

You can participate on the following link:

This survey will help us in understanding what new skills are required by creative people to face different challenges: employing an entrepreneurial mindset, being  sustainable, engaging with new technologies and being visible for policymakers.

Thus, the survey will serve to understand what skills are in use in the CCS, if there are gaps in the creatives' training and education, and what are their actual needs. We want to be able to use the results in a dynamic way to facilitate relationships between people in the community and make recommendations to strengthen our capacity to cope with the challenges the sector is facing. 

The survey is not anonymous, as we hope that it will eventually serve as a tool to connect with each other, based on our abilities and needs. However, no question is mandatory, so you can respond in the way that makes you feel more comfortable.

We would be very grateful if you could answer these few questions.