STATUS: Finished

Creativeshift platform

The European innovation network for cross-sector content

About the project


Despite an amazing inventiveness and a multitude of creative startups, very few innovations in the field of content development end up having a substantial impact on a sector-wide or even European level. Structural barriers to innovation represent some of the greatest obstacles standing in the way of progress, and it's our goal to tackle these barriers. With creativeSHIFT we bring like-minded people from the creative industries together and pave the way for new innovative ideas that all content sectors can benefit from.

Our unique network consists of people from all over the EU with different backgrounds in content creation - from startup founders and game developers, publishers and authors, performing artists, festival organisers, animators and film producers, investors, university professors, accelerators and many more.

Our differences will help us navigate the coordinates of tomorrow's creative innovation ecosystem, all in pursuit of a sound future for Europe's creative landscape: thriving, resilient, securing cultural diversity and promoting healthy democracies and the ecologically sustainable development of Europe.

The creativeSHIFT project is a new platform that encourages collaboration between companies creating content to innovate in fields such as music, audiovisual or gaming.