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Sustaining and Innovating cultural Diversity in literary Translation

About the project


The purpose of SIDT Books

Book culture and business in Europe excels in bringing a rich diversity of voices and narratives to often highly specialised and segmented audiences. Between printed books and various digital editions catered to readers and listeners of all strands, books are produced and consumed in increasingly varied ways and formats.

The vendors supporting these bookish offerings are often relatively small organisations. Due to both their size and their vocation as highly specialised cultural services, finding their audiences is a challenge in view of their limited resources.

In this situation, timely and continuous innovation is both a necessary and difficult task.

Researching new techniques and practices; experimenting with new models of authoring, production and distribution of books; and directly entertaining active communities of customers is difficult to balance with the daily professional obligations of a small company.

SIDT Books (which stands for Sustaining and Innovating cultural Diversity in literary Translation) aims to build bridges between proven innovators and practitioners.

With a mix of research and a set of hands-on training modules, SIDT Books has the skill to identify and disseminate relevant best practice models and market analyses for small and medium-sized book publishing and retail companies.


What SIDT Books has to offer

Building on research on market segments, trends and dedicated actors in the book translation publishing industry across Europe, SIDT Books proposes a set of professional training modules centred around proven business practices for authors, publishers, distributors and retailers.

Our goal for each training unit is to bring together decision makers, young talent, leading international industry experts and teachers to share their knowledge and skills as well as learn how to apply novel business practices.

SIDT Books has prepared four different and free of charge training modules, each of which proposes a unique and distinct set of skills and methods to optimise workflows, marketing and the handling of multiple formats and business models in the book sector. 

The first run of SIDT modules took place in the 2021 summer; the second one will take place in the fall of the same year. Information on how to participate will be posted on the SIDT website here and on this page.


This project has been co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union

This project has been co-funded by the Republic of Austria, Federal Ministry of Arts and Culture, Civil Service and Sport (BMKOES)


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