DATE: 17-08-21

5 questions with: Simone Lippold

Get to know the creativeSHIFT community!

Interview with Simone Lippold, Head of Innovation Department, BöV Group, creativeSHIFT Workgroup Visibility & Attractivity

Who are you and what do you do?

I am an enthusiastic book lover who absolutely enjoys learning about new points of view and ideas and always keeps her optimism.
Based in Frankfurt I work as Head of Innovation Development for the German Publishers and Booksellers Association and am one of the driving forces behind the pilot project creativeSHIFT.

What do you feel is special about working in the creative industry?

I love all the motivated and innovative people in the creativeSHIFT community. I am thrilled every time about the exchange, the interest in sharing new things, and moving forward together!

Which legal/political/economic development/change has helped/supported/changed your work over the last year/this year?

The growing political awareness of the importance of the Cultural & Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI) for Europe. Most recently, the Lisboa Manifesto stated that the CCIs were an “economic powerhouse” in Europe, although they are not yet treated as such. CCSI have an identity-forming function for Europe and can contribute to the achievement of ecological and social goals.

What are tools that you cannot live without?

Mural and Teams!

What tricks/tools do you use to improve home office? 

Wonderme – for an almost real “coffee break” feeling.
Going for a walk at lunch break.
For a complete change of scenery within the working day: reading a book with my daughters during break times.

Which platforms do you use in order to connect to potential partners/investors/colleagues?

Mural, Miro, Zoom and Teams.

Can you recommend any recent online courses/seminars?

Agile work

What are some major changes in the industry/your work style since Covid-19 and what have you learned from them?

Remote working – no personal exchange.
This helped to be present at more events than before. A larger audience in general could also be attracted due to the elimination of travel distances & leaner time requirements. The experience after 1.5 years - digital work does not replace personal contacts and meetings, especially in the international context. A good balance between presence and digital is important!

Thank you for your time, Simone!


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