DATE: 12-11-21

Podcast with creativeSHIFT project manager Simone Lippold

creativeSHIFT @ Frankfurt Book Fair 2021

"Challenges are our common basis", award-winning German postcast-radio, did a special podcast for Frankfurt Book Fair 2021. Simone Lippold, project manager at creativeSHIFT, spoke about the challenges, learnings and future visions from and for the creativeSHIFT project in one of their episodes at the fair.

A key driver behind the project was the support and enhancement of visibility of the European creative and content industry within its various sectors like Music, Gaming, Publishing and Audiovisual, Lippold explained when asked about the start of creativeSHIFT. 

She emphasised the motivation and joy working with professionals from all over Europe, from different sectors dealing with diverse content, languages and combining different strengths. Getting to know common issues, challenges and visions was the start of an ongoing exchange and communication between the community members. Two of the most pressing issues are funding and financing as well as the topic of sustainability - which challenge all four sectors.

With creativeSHIFT, Simone Lippold sees a chance to establish an exchange on a European level, bringing together people with the same mindset and motivations on its platform. Collaborations and cooperations will be key to establish innovative ideas and projects within the industry. 

As for the future of creativeSHIFT, Simone Lippold would like the community to develop into a self-supporting European network, further working and exchanging on their joint projects and ideas - inspiring and innovating the European content industry with cross-sector content.

Listen to the whole podcast episode (in German) on the website, the link can be found below.