DATE: 18-06-21

Reality check - does creativeSHIFT have potential?

Get to know the experts from our first creativeSHIFT showcase and their view on creativeSHIFT

During the creativeSHIFT Showcase on April 28, the ongoing creativeSHIFT projects were presented to experts from the gaming and media industry for a reality check and feedback, to take the projects to the next level. Recurring topics were sustainability, practicability, and the importance of collaboration and connection.
The Showcase was organized by gaming accelerator SpielFabrique.

We asked the experts to share their personal experiences within the industry, why creativeSHIFT has great potential and why cross-sectoral cooperation is important.

You can listen to the answers of 

Timoteus Tuivonen - Consultant,  DMF Business Design

Kay Meseberg - Head of Innovation, ARTE

Michael Liebe - CEO and founder at booster space

Karsten Lehmann - Public Affairs Director, Ubisoft Blue-Byte

Tobias Kopka - Facilitator, Reboot develop & curatoric

It is interesting to bring together people from different fields with different backgrounds. Somehow a common sense existed on key questions. It is refreshing to see that it boils down to some basic questions for all participants from different industries.

– Kay Meseberg, ARTE

We need diversity among the developers, and practical projects to foster this are very important.

– Timoteus Tuovinen, DMF Business     

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