DATE: 30-06-21

Sneak Peek into 4 creativeSHIFT projects

Discover what our community has been up to!

These 4 projects by creativeSHIFT community members were selected to be pitched to investors in September 2021. They all show the creative and innovative output inspired by the exchange and connection of community members from different sectors of the industry. 

Bookya Booking Solution

Bookya Booking Solution is a tool with the main goal of easing the booking process and securing the fact that artists always will get paid.

In a few minutes, all parameters that both parties in the booking process agree upon (price, dates, conditions, hospitality, etc.) are confirmed in a PDF that both parties can sign within the app. This, therefore, becomes a legitimate contract that especially benefits artists that do not have a manager yet. Within this environment payments can be executed, bookkeeping is simplified and therefore creating a safer environment for the most vulnerable group in the cultural sector, the artist.

Currently, the focus lies on the booking process for electronic artists and DJs, but eventually, this solution aims to fully benefit all musicians.  

After a successful implementation in that regard, the final step will be cross-sectoral integration. This should happen within other creative sectors such as dancers, sound/light crew, videographers, visual designers, and countless others towards which the Booking Solution easily can be adapted.  

Bookya, cause we got ya! 


Dead Letters Calling

"Dead Letters Calling" is a spooky adventure video game about fighting your fears. It has been designed with a cross-media IP strategy. The project was put together during creativeSHIFT by members Imaad Manzar, Mariam Draeger, Ilan Sheady and Robert Nemec. 

 In today’s market, it is absolutely essential to respect consumers and reward their loyalty to brands they feel attached to. This means not only developing a clever and sincere brand but also creating a merchandise plan that offers a diverse product landscape that offers brand supporters a wide palette to choose from in their preferred source of media.

For "Dead Letters Calling" we are looking at the video game as a first step. However, we are planning spin-off games, animations, board games, books, film collaborations, and many more, should the franchise be able to reach its full potential. We already have partnerships in place to ensure we can quickly move towards any of these avenues when the opportunities arise.  

Our game is meant to reach anyone adventurous willing to fight their inner demons. Its thought-provoking, eye-level nature means we expect our audience to be independent thinkers with a sense of humor.

The idea was developed collectively by the team. We all listed horror stories that had left a lasting impression and looked for common themes. It became very clear that we were fans of a strong narrative over scares and survival and that stories with teachable moments, such as understanding foreign perspectives, taking responsibility for one’s own actions, and listening to one’s instincts, were much more interesting. So we decided to develop a strong story first and translate it into a game later, which is what we have done. The productive and seamless process of developing a solid concept would not have been possible with a less experienced, less congenial team.

We do not want to give away too much, but two of the fears you will be facing in our game are ‘fear of the dark’ and ‘fear of insects’. Sounds scary, but we will be there to help you conquer them.



Filmarket Hub is an online marketplace for curated films and series in development. We match talent and unproduced projects with leading companies in the industry to make them happen.

It's the perfect tool to discover an excellent talent or find financing partners with more than 35.000 filmmakers and companies.  

The innovation lies in the fact that we have built the most important deal-making system in the European and Latin American industry today.  

We are the operating system that covers the entire development phase of an A/V project.

→ Matchmaking through an excellent online marketplace with a vision focused on the best experience for your customer. 
→ Hunting Stories & Talent: through quality services, AI discovers those projects with extraordinary potential and sells them to the companies looking for them.

Watch a video about the project here.



UMANIMATION is an animation, XR and interactive production company. With a team of talented storytellers, artists and designers, our aim is to define the next generation of entertainment content by producing transmedia universes that enlist different technologies and platforms.

The company positions itself as a startup of the creative economy at the crossroads of culture, digital and innovation et works on three main approaches:

- original content creation: the company develops a catalog of more than ten projects for television, new media, and interactive and immersive media;

- an integrated and hybrid production studio: the company has know-how in 2D and 3D animation and uses video game technologies;

- the study of humans in immersion: in partnership with specialized laboratories, the company questions and studies the place of humans in the face of changing entertainment content.

Based on an animation savoir-faire, UMANIMATION relies on an unconventional production line for animation. We use the video game engine Unity at the heart of our creation and production process, especially for its real-time rendering capabilities. Like many specialists of the sector, we think it has the potential to revolutionize the production of animation projects